About the Author

Wayne Moody has been a mundane astrologer, astrology columnist, friend of Astro*Carto*Graphy and international lecturer for nearly four decades. He was born May 25, 1951, with important symbols, his Sun closely conjunct with Mars, in Michel and Francoise Gauquelin’s Mars Effect Zone. He has lived 41 years in California cities, immediately under the noon position of this Sun/Mars union, exercising and building the authority, muscle, and mastery in those expressions of life. Moody’s approach to writing and counseling is deeply rooted in an interdisciplinary methodology that identifies and connects complex patterns and symbols that may otherwise go unseen. From his work reporting on the world’s largest bank, an environmental catastrophe, national security concerns to war,

Wayne Moody is known to the astrological community for his ability to see patterns, connect the dots and explain their complexities in terms of place, time and history. In 2014, after being interviewed by Dartmouth College, for their Alumni Magazine Continuing Education segment, his work evolved to become the War Impulse Pattern (WIP). He currently focuses upon writing and publishing books on his WIP with hopes that they will serve to empower and assist leaders in making more informed decisions about the deployment and use of military force. He works to achieve this through educating people in positions of power to become more astrologically, geographically and historically aware of the impact of U.S. warfare on the collective.