Astrology philosophically and uniquely addresses issues of when and where, things not on the map, can be revealed, permitting powerful tools — thought maps — to be devised and named. I have named such a reality the War Impulse Pattern (WIP). The cartographic-map template laid down by the US War Impulse Pattern has become the baseline for my lens on US power in the world. Similarly, the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas between Portugal and Spain, was a Papal Bull that set a demarcation line, a baseline, drawn vertically down through the center of the Atlantic Ocean, pole to pole, on the evolving maps of the times.

This line on a map divided the spoils of the New World and catalyzed the emergence of ideas leading to today’s international law of the sea. Ideas that led to concepts like:

1. freedom of the sea,
2. unhindered trade and travel, and
3. territorial waters.

Like this epic-mapping moment from five hundred years ago, that still shapes relationships in the world to this day, I believe that a widespread awareness of the previously, not on the map, US WIP map, particularly along its 35° North branch, as you will see as you read, can change the world.